Honoring Black Southerners Who Served the Union

black union soldiers2

Black Confederate Statue?  NOT!  There are many within the Confederate support ranks who are referring to this statue as such.   The unveiling of this statue was met with controversy because of the bitter feelings that some white southerners still have about the south losing the war and towards southern black slaves who fled to fight for the North.  The state of Mississippi paid $300,000 for this statue which is located in Vicksburg.  According to the write up for the 3 imageries, it does NOT identify the sculpted black men as Confederates.   This statue represents blacks who served for the Union.   Evidently, there’s hardly to not any statues erected in the physical likeness of blacks who contributed to the Confederacy.   I’ve wondered for a long time as to why.  According to National Parks Service, the figures for blacks who served for the Confederacy are reportedly unknown.

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