Main Reasons Why Most White Confederate Supporters are Labeled as White Supremacists

LEAGUE OF THE SOUTH (LOS) and Complacency. Most people color, especially with deep ancestral southern roots, take offense to the degrading of Black Southern ancestors of the 1800s. However, there’s a pro-white southern group called “League of the South” who while defending Confederate monuments, has expressed that the South does not belong to Blacks. Furthermore, in the above news interview, it’s representative disparage the worth of ancestral southern black ancestors – based on skin color.

First of all, just about all things Confederate (flags and monuments), has been vilified not because of what any black representation. It’s because of the actions of a group of representing whites.

The irony of this situation is that while many who publicly support Confederate and Southern Heritage at rallies, they question why the obvious lack of black support; but then they are complicit in the racial conduct. When the news media (after bearing witness to the racial activity) lumps all whites with Confederate flags together as a unit, the white Confederate supporters began to wonder why they are labeled.

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