South Carolina. Black Confederate. On Confederate Ships.

smalls_scSouth Carolina.  Considering the time period, Southern Black slaves, in particular were put into a peculiar situation – and understandably faced with dilemma of “do I stay as a slave… or I do take the risk of escaping to be a free man”.

Before Robert Smalls, a trusted slaved, joined the Union Navy, he did serve in the Confederate Navy – eventhough many nowadays don’t acknowledge this because Smalls took the Confederate sea vessel (the Planter) and turned it over to the Union in order in secure freedom of his black Confederate crew, himself, and others from slavery. Needless to say, when it was discovered that Smalls had escaped, South Carolina placed a high bounty on his head. Smalls duties for the Confederacy included: piloting the Confederate ship, set up mines, and stocked the ship with ammo & supplies that the Confederacy needed that he transported.

The following black slave Confederates were part of his crew:
• Abraham Jackson
• John Smalls (no relations)
• Alfred Gourdine
• David Jones
• Jack Gibbes
• Gabriel Turner

Rather than say #HeritageNotHate .. let’s call this SOUTHERN HERITAGE FREEDOM!

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