Southern Runaway Slaves Less Revered in Today’s Confederate Heritage


THE SOUTH. Surely we all can (or should) agree that Slavery was WRONG! Slavery should never be romanticized. However, I’m noticing majority of Southern heritage supporters look down on black Southern runaways slaves as though they committed treason; but also tend to speak endearingly with high favor of black slaves who never ran away. But they will rather prop up the freed black Confederate over a slave serving as body servant, because the latter reminds the public of slavery in the south.

From a BLACK slave descendant’s perspective, we favor all three – the runaway, slave, and freed.. but we do place higher regards for the runaway slave as a noteworthy legacy to be braggingly proud of.

Oftentimes its said in tit-for-tat defense of the South, that the North had black slaves too. Then my question is how many black slaves from the North were runaways that fled to the South to serve in the CSA military? We already know there were many freed & black runaways from the South who served in the Union. We also know that freed & black slaves from the south served in the CSA military.

But the bigger question is —> did ANY black RUNAWAY slaves from the south, escape from his master to join the Confederate military? That is a question I now ponder due to the dismissive nowaday attitudes towards them.

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