There’s Hundreds of Statues in Imagery of White Confederates. I Focus on the Lest Who Have No Statue.


BLACK SLAVES as Confederates. There’s some out there who have issues with me for spending too much time in giving voice to Black Southerners who contributed to South. Some have even asked that I stop talking too much about honoring Black confederates & to start refocusing my energy on white Confederates because statues of White Confederates are at risk of being taken down.

This is me at a Black Confederate monument in Canton, Mississippi in a cemetery that was erected for black slaves – Willis Howcott & the Harvey Scouts. How the hell can any white person who claims to supports anything Confederate, would dare be instructive on me for honoring my OWN race who were slighted when statues were erected mostly of the whites? Afterall I myself am a Southern woman, a descendent of southern black slaves who contributed to the South. The south & the Confederacy was built and relied heavily on the backs, labor, blood and sweat of black slave labor. Why should I be expected to give less attention to the preservation pf the history of Southern black slaves when history has ignored them. Black Southern slaves who contributed to the South are the most FORGOTTEN. And I will continue to speak up for black Southern ancestors – AFFECTIONATELY!  I shall stay the course. 

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