Oklahoma. A State of “Civil Rights Firsts” of the 1900’s.

The first NAACP State Conference was held and started in Chickasha, Oklahoma in 1932, where the NAACP Nationals held its first convention.  At that time NAACP had the most NAACP local branches; and prior there were no NAACP State Conferences (headquarters representing each state).   Roscoe Dunjee was the 1st President of the President of Oklahoma NAACP State Conference.  Most assume that Mississippi was the first, but their NAACP state conference did not start until 1945.

According to Oklahoma’s NAACP branch president, Miller Newman, there was an all white NAACP Branch in Pawhuska, Oklahoma which is located in Osage County.

Before the Brown vs Board of Education case, the desegregation of public education was tested and won in Oklahoma FIRST with Sipuel v. Board of Regents of University of Oklahoma in 1948.

NAACP, which is the oldest Civil Rights organization is the the United States, was formed in 1909.

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