SOUTHERN Blacks, Abe Lincoln & Celebration of the Truth

Oftentimes, many white southerners nowadays keep trying to tell black southerners what they as a race of people descending from slaves  “think” or “believe” on matters concerning their OWN Southern Heritage  – particularly on matters of slavery and the civil war. And there’s this bad habit of being instructive in telling black southerners about their OWN history, when black people have already received instructions from their black elders about WHO they are, where they come from & stories of what happened. To make matters worse, many have gone so far as to be instructive so as to tell black southerners who they should chose to honor as their heros. Not all southerners are in lockstep on this matter of Southern Heritage as to who they celebrate and honor. Some black southerners may have preference to Patrick Cleburne but perhaps not for the same reason as some southern whites. Some white southerners have no problem with embracing the “Slavery” clause in the CSA secession documents, whereas most black southerners who love the south, do NOT embrace the Secession documents as written. Some white southerners idolize CSA Vice President Alexander Stephens, whereas most Black Southerners, for good reason, despise the man.

Many white southerners wrongly assume that most southern blacks are stupidly supportive of Abraham Lincoln because of Emancipation Proclamation. 1st of all, the fact that black southerners do not celebrate January 1st (date that Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863) should be a clue ! For that matter, blacks do not even celebrate December 6th (date that slavery was officially abolished via 13th Amendment in 1865). Therefore the continued instructions to black southerners as to what Lincoln & the Emancipation Proclamation did or did not do, is unnerving to say the least. Most southerners are fully aware of how Abe felt towards black slaves & the institution of slavery, as this is preached on repeatedly at Juneteeth Day events. For that matter, the black elders are instructive on this.

Descendants of Black Slaves & Independence Day


Whereas, many blacks in America, understandably do not consider July 4th as Independence Day, some tend to view June 19th (Juneteenth) as the official liberation date for enslaved blacks. For yrs there has been unsuccessful proposals & attempts in the South to get Juneteenth declared as the official “Black American Slave Liberation Day” because many blacks feel that Abraham Lincoln’s 1863 Emancipation Proclamation did not officially end slavery of their ancestors – which it did not.

Slavery of Blacks in US was officially abolished by the ratifying of the 13th Amendment – which was on December 6, 1865. That really should be the official date for a National Proclamation signing .. and that should be the date for Celebrating. It’s a date that descendants of black slaves can relate to, moreso than the awkwardness of July 4th. December 6th should never be forgotten.